Promotion Stocks

Learn which Tickers are Set-up for large stock promotion Before the Promotions Begin

Through our talented research team, we have predicted nearly every major stock promotion ticker prior to the actual start of the stock promotion since the spring of 2012. In each instance, we not only identify the ticker, we also provided an extremely detailed research report (view some of our past research reports here) that shows exactly where we connected the dots and explain why we believe the company is set-up for a stock promotion. For many of these promotions, we also successfully predicted which stock promoter would release the promotion.

100% of stock promotion are set-up for someone (insiders, promoters, share holders) to unload shares on hyped up volume and/or price.  The stock promoters are attempting to take advantage of unknowing traders that believe they are making a good investment.

Traders utilize our information to not only gain an edge over other traders, but to also outsmart the crooked stock promoters. Some traders like to use our information to get into stock promotions early on the long side, while many traders like to use our information to identify the best potential shorting opportunities. You can find a list of Promotions that we predicted click here! is not a promoter, we uncover the truth about stock promotions. Our team consist of successful day traders and the top penny stock researchers in this niche market. There is no other site in the world that provides more detailed information on future stock promotions and volatile stocks GUARANTEED! *

*If you can prove to us there is another service that provides more accurate, frequent, and timely information on potential stock promotions  we will give you 3 free months of service.

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